Friday, March 7, 2014

Oil Review Part 3: Pomegranate, Argan, Castor, Grapeseed and Pracaxi Oils


I initially bought this oil for skincare (for myself and to try in a custom blend for a client.)  Truthfully, for this purpose, despite it’s rave reviews  (apparently Lupita Nyong'o loves it and we all know her skin is FLAWLESS,) it really did not blow my skirt up.  I found it a little too slow to absorb for my taste, especially on the face.  However, fast forward to a few months later, it occurred to me to try it on Jubilee’s hair, albeit reluctantly, for no other reason than I had it and could not bear to throw it away.  (I am an ingredient junkie.) 

Wow.  Now this oil blew my dreads back.  It is light and easily absorbed in hair.  It works well for daily use between washes, as well as sealing on wash days.

The price though, however is a little prohibitive for pre-poos, oil rinsing and any hair projects involving massive amounts of oil (unless you’ve got it like that.)

It blends well with other oils so makes a good mixing oil for expensive hair finishing oil blends.

The best price for pomegranate oil that I have found is from New Directions Aromatics.


This Morrocan oil is becoming more and more mainstream, and with good reason.  A lot of people love it for skin and hair, even on its own without any mixing.  As far as curly hair is concerned it is a great finishing oil.  It absorbs quite well on most hair types and is suitable for daily use.  I do find it way too light for pre-poo’s and oil rinses.  It is also quite costly, which makes use beyond sealing purposes prohibitive for many.
I love to blend it with other oils in our Oggboo formulas for its nutritive properties (we only use an organic, fair-trade and cold pressed argan oil in our products.)

A lot of curlies love it on their skin too, because it is also suitable for use on the face at all ages.

The best place to buy a high quality Argan Oil, in my opinion is Shea Terra Organics.  Be sure to sign up for their newsletter which frequently offers great deals, including 30% off coupons on a regular basis.


This may be my favorite hair oil of all time.  It absorbs well in so many different textures of hair, from straight to curly, and is great for the scalp.  It does not build up easily and is quite affordable when you buy it from your local grocery store.

Grapeseed oil works well as a pre-poo, oil rinse and sealing oil.   It also blends beautifully with other oils.


This exotic Brazilian oil is definitely an interesting one for most curlies.  It is heavier and stickier than I expected, so I recommend either using it for a pre-poo or oil rinse.  I am not wild about it as a sealing oil, or daily finishing oil between washes because of the stickiness, for any hair texture, but I think it is an excellent choice for deep conditioning, the above mentioned purposes and blending with other oils and butters.

It defines curls nicely too!

It is rather expensive though, but used in a blend a little goes a long way.  The best quality and price I have found for it is from New Directions Aromatics.


If your child has thin hair, baby baldness, slow growing hair, scalp issues or is still trying to recover from patches hair patches lost or growing slowly because of infant sleeping positions, then castor oil is your friend.  It is also highly moisturizing so works great on very dry and coarse textures of hair too.  For lighter textures it is too heavy to leave in, so I suggest using it only as a pre-poo.

Castor oil promotes hair growth and thickening, and balances an itchy scalp.  It also provides moisture for days, making it the ideal sealant for a protective style that you intend to keep in for a while.

It is definitely not suitable for daily use if you are not washing the hair every day.  It is quite inexpensive and is easy to get at any health food store or online.

Jamaican Black Castor Oil is my favorite.  It is a darker color because the beans are roasted first, and it is purportedly the resulting ash content of this oil that makes it even more effective.  The roasted version does smell a bit ashy, so you will definitely want to haul out your favorite essential oil for use with that one.

Products that contain castor oil also make excellent choices for thicker, tighter and thirstier textures of hair, like 3’s and 4’s.


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